Student’s Guide: U.S. History – Level 4/Year 3


In Year 3, we study US History in order to understand the foundations of our American Republic.

We emphasize the founding principles of the United States.
We begin with the early colonies and finish the year with the Civil War.

Principles of the American Republic are woven throughout the lessons. The establishment of self-government and the character of the early colonists as the foundation for a Republic is emphasized. We look at the role of preachers and pastors in birthing the Declaration of Independence; and study the principles within. Students will become familiar with the Founding Father’s character, sacrifice and conviction and the role of the Bible in the Constitution. The expansion of the nation from sea to shining sea and invention and innovation exemplify how liberty allows men to pursue their interests. Lastly, the conflicts and upheaval leading to the Civil War and legislation that will affect generations of Americans to this present day.

Beginning with the Christian Founding, we study the principles of liberty and answer questions like;
Why is America the most free and prosperous nation that has ever been founded?
What was the source of America’s greatness?
Who was highly influential in the cultivation of liberty?
What rights are outlined in the Declaration of Independence?
What are our God-given rights and duties?
What is the individual’s responsibility with regards to self-government?
What is the role of the Constitution?
What are the key areas of American expansion?
What does liberty give birth to?
How did the Founding Fathers view slavery?

How an individual answers these questions is the framework in which he or she reasons and relates to the world and life events.

Pathway to Liberty is a holistic curriculum covering Bible, history, character, writing, vocabulary and geography.

Join us in learning about the principles of liberty and building a solid foundation from which your students can build on for a lifetime.

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