Student’s Guide: The Middle Ages – Level 4/Year 2


In Year 2, we study The Middle Ages in order to follow the noble stream of liberty. We emphasize the history of the Christian church and its impact on the world. The timeframe begins at the early Christian church and the Roman Republic. Students trace the people and events that brought forth liberty. We begin with the Roman Republic and the Heroic Age of the Church, and finish the year with the Age of Exploration.

Students will learn about the growth, persecution and martyrdom of the early church. Also, the characteristics of a mini-republic, form of church government, church councils, development of church doctrine and the
canonization of the Bible are overviewed. We look at Mohammed, the basic tenets of Islam and the Crusades. We befriend men whose faithfulness God used to transform entire nations, such as; St. Patrick, Charlemagne and King Alfred. The Magna Carta is studied as a key stepping stone on the Pathway to Liberty.

Beginning with the Roman Republic, we study the advances of Rome and it’s decline. We answer questions like;

How did the Gospel change individual’s lives?
What relationship does the gospel have on a nation’s form of government?
How was God working in history to transform men and nations?
How does an individual’s internal character influence their external environment?

How an individual answers these questions is the framework in which he or she reasons and relates to the world and life events.

Pathway to Liberty is a holistic curriculum covering Bible, history, character, writing, vocabulary and geography.

Join us in laying a solid foundation on which your student can build for a lifetime.

The Student’s Guide includes 4 weekly lessons over a 26 week period. Every lesson researches a scripture, reasons from a principle and makes a personal application. Subjects include Bible, history, vocabulary, and writing.

The Teacher’s Guide provides the teacher with a weekly overview, notes and answer guides. Beginning with Creation through Ancient Greece, the year-long curriculum includes 4 weekly lessons over a 26 week period. Every lesson is flexible and easily adjusted.

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