Level 1

K5 - 3rd Grade

Level 1 is designed for the early elementary years. Students learn history through age-appropriate core books and literature studies. Principles are taught in a concrete, simplified manner. The character of individuals is emphasized. Copy work and simple writing exercises can be adjusted to student’s writing ability.

Level 2

4th - 6th Grade

Level 2 is designed for upper elementary who are able to read and write fluently. Principles are expanded and application is encouraged. Students write 1-2 paragraphs weekly and begin to learn research skills. Some of the reading assignments coordinate with Level 3, however the reasoning, writing and literature are age-appropriate.

Level 3

7th - 9th Grade

Level 3 is designed for middle school students. It requires more in-depth reasoning and logic and the application of principles. Students write 2-5 paragraphs weekly and apply research skills to reports.

Level 4

10th - 12th Grade

With Level 4, student’s gain rhetorical mastery of their lessons. Their worldview is solidified and they are able to articulate their lessons. It is for advanced level High school students. Most textbooks are college level reading. Credits include History-1, Bible-1/2-1, English 1/2-1. History and Literature readings are on an adult reading level. Writing assignments are designed to prepare students for a collegiate or professional environment.

The curriculum is designed so that the teacher may teach multiple levels simultaneously

The weekly subjects and principles are the same for every level

You may adjust levels based on the needs of the students in your home

middle ages student guide

Student Guides Include:

  • Introduction to the Curriculum
  • Step-by-step Instructions on How To Use the Curriculum
  • Course Outlines
  • Weekly Lesson Plans
  • Student Assignments
  • Daily Study Guide Questions
  • Writing Options
  • Vocabulary
middle ages teachers guide

Teacher Guides Include:

  • Introduction to the Curriculum
  • Step-by-step Instructions on How To Use the Curriculum
  • Lesson plans that integrate  Bible, history, literature, geography, and writing
  • Teaching Objectives
  • Weekly Overview
universal history cover

Teacher's Manual

The Teacher’s Manual is highly suggested for additional teaching support for all four years of the curriculum

Pathway to Liberty’s Vision Statement, 4 Year Overview, and Educational Philosophy are included

Additional Writing Sources, Word Study, Vocabulary, Devotional and Research Models are provided in the manual as well