Mastery and Strategy

Our goals are mastery and strategy.

We strive for mastery of material. The Chain of Liberty and principles of liberty are part of every subject. We emphasize mastery of  principles of libertyworld history chronology, the vocabulary of liberty and an understanding of key events and documents of liberty. We desire students to have a foundation that is solid in order to build on the rest of their lives.

Our strategy is to educate and equip. We will educate students to reason and relate principles to all of life. We will equip students to deal with the issues of our current culture. Students will have a unity of truth and a timeline of people and events that will bring a cohesiveness to their studies. This unity of truth will lay a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning. We are preparing students for responsible leadership and citizenship.

The curriculum is designed so that the teacher may teach multi-levels simultaneously. The weekly subjects and principles are the same for every level. There are 4 levels. Level 1 is approximately first through third grade, Level 2 is fourth through sixth grade, Level 3 is seventh through nineth grade and Level 4 is tenth grade and above. You may adjust levels based on the needs of the students in your home.

Additionally, for students of all ages, we offer The Chain of Liberty Studyguide as a compliment to the book.