In Year 4, we study World History in order to understand the battle between tyranny and liberty.

Students are introduced to real people, in real time, with real events set into the context of world history.

We begin with the expansion of the United States ‘From Sea to Shining Sea’ and finish the year with the Post-Christian West.

We answer questions like;
What are the key areas of American expansion?
What does liberty give birth to?
How did the Founding Fathers view slavery?
What philosophy of government was behind Nazi Germany and the Axis powers?
Is that philosophy of government active today, and if so, where?
What type of worldviews oppose liberty for the individual?
What philosophies or agendas are threatening our liberties today?

How an individual answers these questions is the framework in which he or she reasons and relates to the world and life events.

Pathway to Liberty is a holistic curriculum covering Bible, history, character, writing, vocabulary and geography.

Join us in learning about the battle between tyranny and liberty and building a solid foundation from which your students can build on for a lifetime.

Book Chart - Year 4

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Scope & Sequence Chart - Year 4

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Co-op Model - Year 4

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