3 Ideas to Keep Heritage Alive at Thanksgiving

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Holidays are ‘holy’ days, set apart as memorials. It’s a time to remember our history. Remembering our history gives us a sense of identity; an understanding of who we are as a nation. History sows seeds of gratefulness because it … Read More

Noah Webster & Preserving Liberty

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Noah Webster  Noah Webster was and is key to preserving liberty. He is often called the “Father of American Scholarship and Education” and lived from 1758 to 1843. In his lifetime, he was also a lawyer, schoolmaster, author, newspaper editor, … Read More

What We’ve Been Up To!

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Pathway to Liberty has had an active summer traveling the beautiful southeast! We started our convention season in the historic city of Charleston, South Carolina in May. In July, we had a great time at the CSTHEA Convention in beautiful Chattanooga, … Read More

The Chain of Liberty

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  So excited! My book The Chain of Liberty is scheduled to be out in 2-4 weeks~ I will keep you posted! “Liberty cannot be preserved without general knowledge among the people.” –John Adams