Why Principles are Primary

Why Principles are Primary

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It is impossible for man to break the law. We can only break ourselves against the law.

—Cecil B. DeMille


Principles are primary. They must come first in education. But why?

A principle is a foundational truth with widespread application. Principles are universal and timeless. From the beginning of time and for generations to come, principles apply to every individual, community, state, and nation. The degree to which we mentally acknowledge or apply them does not alter their existence. Principles do not change.

In The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Steven Covey explains, “Principles are self-evident and can easily be validated by any individual. Principles are natural laws in the human dimension that are just as real, just his unchanging and just as unarguably ‘there’ as laws such as gravity are in the physical dimension.”

Understanding and applying principles is transformational. Principles leaven; as yeast slowly grows through a batch of dough and transforms its composition, so principles transform our lives.

Years ago, I taught a class entitled Biblical Leavening. At the beginning of every class, I had a large jar filled with water. I would invite a student to select from an array of food coloring. The student would then drop the coloring into the jar. Initially, the food coloring would consolidate, but by the end of class, the entire jar had changed color. This was a visual example of how principles leaven our lives. As with the food coloring, once we grab hold of and apply just one principle, it touches, grows, and transforms our entire lives. Principles leaven our lives.

Principles challenge us to evaluate how we live. How do you prioritize your time? How much do you utilize your talents? Where do you delegate your treasures? Principles direct how people prioritize their time, talents, and treasures. They have the power to impact how you relate to yourself, to others, to your community, and to your state and nation. Principles are foundational and far-reaching laws of human effectiveness.

Pathway to Liberty’s educational model replicates how America’s Founding Father’s were educated. This is principle-based education. Principle-based education equips students to reason and relate principles of liberty to all spheres of life. When students experience internal liberty, it prepares them to think and act like free citizens. Free-thinking individuals restore and preserve our civil liberties because we are BORN FREE.