Meet Jayme

Meet Jayme

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A little about myself. I’m originally from the beautiful city of Denver, Colorado. My family relocated to Tampa in 1986 where I attended public school. I graduated from Florida State University with a bachelor’s in criminology and minor in psychology. I worked on my master’s in counseling rehabilitation at both the University of South Florida and Liberty University.

I’m the blessed mother of five sons, and began homeschooling with my firstborn. Eventually, I became dissatisfied with the content I had for teaching American History. It was dry. It was dull. It was boring! But mostly, it was revised and didn’t communicate the rich heritage that we have as Americans. I knew there was so much more to understanding the foundations of this great, free and exceptional nation. This prompted me to begin attending seminars and workshops centered on understanding the foundations and history of the United States.

Studying primary-source documents on how the nation’s founders were educated, I recognized the need to rebuild my own education. So I did in order to teach my sons their rich heritage as Christians and as Americans and to live fulfilling lives as free-thinking men. My purpose is that they understand and prize their inheritance and strive to maintain a life of liberty.

In order to do this, I developed my own curriculum covering multiple subjects applicable to all grade levels. In 2008, I launched Pathway to Liberty, a teaching institute dedicated to educating individuals in the history and principles of liberty.

Over the years, I have written and led women’s Bible studies, prayer rallies, educational seminars and conferences. Some of the organizations I’ve been involved with are MOPS, Aglow International and Just Give Me Jesus with Anne Graham Lotz, among others.