Now Available! The Chain of Liberty Studyguide

Now Available! The Chain of Liberty Studyguide

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The Chain of Liberty Studyguide is designed to be used when studying and/or teaching The Chain of Liberty by Jayme MacCullough.  The Chain of Liberty gives an overview of the history of liberty. It also teaches the principles of liberty, the language of liberty and key documents of liberty. Working through this resource will provide a solid foundation and understanding of the chronology of history as pertaining to liberty, the principles of liberty, and the foundation of the United States of America.

Key concepts student’s will internalize include;

  • The chain of liberty timeline
  • American exceptionalism
  • The distinctions between a republic and a democracy
  • The language of liberty
  • Principles of liberty
  • Self -government as a cornerstone of liberty
  • Centralization of power breeds tyranny
  • The dangers of a welfare state
  • Erosion in government