Now Available: The Chain of Liberty, “Do men have a right to think for themselves?

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I’m pleased to announce that The Chain of Liberty is now available on and!:)

The first step in preserving and advancing liberty is a basic understanding of the principles upon which America was founded. If you desire to understand more about this exceptional nation’s beginnings within the context of world history The Chain of Liberty is the perfect read.

My first review:) The author deals with the principles of liberty from the time the human race began until the current age. This easy to read book gives a broad overview of the westward movement of liberty as people and nations are transformed. MacCullough stresses that liberty cannot be preserved without general knowledge among the people. This overview of the pathway to liberty is excellent and relevant for the individual who desires to understand the history of liberty and take care in preserving and advancing liberty in their lives, communities and nations. The concise and easy flowing manner in which the book is written makes it a good read for all ages.

The Chain of Liberty




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